Are you looking to take your game to the next level this season? Increasing the mobile compatibility of your website will generate tons of new traffic for your sports business.

You may be asking yourself, why have a mobile friendly website? According to the analytics, 56.12% of website traffic is derived from mobile devices

How does mobile compatibility impact digital traffic? The more compatible your website is to mobile browsers, the greater your search engine optimization (SEO) will be.The greater your SEO, the higher your website will appear on digital searches, increasing the likelihood people will visit your website.

Improving the mobile compatibility of your website will improve the experience of  your visitors. Mobile friendly websites will load faster and be far more intuitive to use and understand. Non-mobile friendly websites can be disorienting and will deter the majority of the those who browse the internet on their phones and tablets. Click here to learn about how you can make your website more user friendly!

Increasing the mobile friendliness of your website will help you to increase customer loyalty. The more thoughtless and easy to navigate your website is, the better the experience will be for users with mobile devices. The better their mobile experience, the more likely parents/guardians are to return to your site, re-register their children, and make referrals to others within their social circle.

Keeping your business innovative and contemporary is crucial as more and more websites evolve to accommodate mobile visitors. Businesses whose websites lack in this regard may struggle to attract and retain website visitors, providing their competitors with the upper hand.

As industry leaders, we have years of experience creating mobile friendly websites. Are you ready to evolve and gain an edge over your competition? Click here to learn how easy it can be!

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