Looking to increase your fall sports registrations? In today's day and age, it is crucial to have both a strong and meaningful digital presence. In order to increase registrations this fall, you should create a user-friendly website, make registration flow intuitive, remain organized, and exemplify your conviction and qualification. 


Your Website

The importance of maintaining a central hub of information relating to your sports business cannot be understated. This is how people will find and learn more about your business. If you don’t already have a website, invest in creating one! If you do, make improvements! 


It is vital that your website be user friendly, otherwise it may not serve its intended purpose. Click here to learn more about creating a user friendly website!


Registration Should Be Easy!

This may seem clear cut, but you would be surprised how difficult some sports businesses make the registration process. Website visitors should not have to go on an expedition to find a sign-up link. Registration should be thoughtless. Interested parties should not have to exit your website to complete registration. 


Inputting their information should be easy and quick, and confirmation should be given immediately. The more difficult the registration process becomes, the more frustrated, less patient, and therefore less interested people will be in signing up!


Organization is Key

Disjointed and over cluttered schedules can be a hassle for parents. Maintaining the organization and transparency of your time frames is both pleasant and attractive to your website visitors


Implementing a digital calendar which is easy to find, understand, and interact with will help to accomplish these goals. Interested parties will be given an explicit idea of when programs are taking place, what they are, and how they can get involved. Click here to learn more about implementing a digital calendar!


Exemplify Conviction and Qualification

No parent wants to sign their children up to play for a coach or coaches who lack passion, dedication, and qualification. It is crucial that people can clearly see how qualified and passionate you and your coaches are. They should understand what you and your organization believe in and why you do what you do. 


One of the best ways to accomplish this is simply to show them. Create content for your website and social media profiles that indicate what a specific sport, or youth sports in general mean to you. Do not be afraid to show interested parties the time and effort you and your employees are putting in behind the scenes to provide them with a top-notch service!

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