Are you struggling to grow your business and facilitate meaningful customer engagement? Creating a team newsletter is the perfect way to achieve both of these goals!


Distributing an automated email newsletter is the perfect way to enhance your channels of customer communication. A team newsletter will allow you to provide updates related to your industry, the product or service you provide, and any noteworthy timeframes. In addition to facilitating engagement, a newsletter will allow you to increase the trust and loyalty customers have with your brand. 

In our increasingly mobile society, almost 60% of people are choosing to browse the internet and check their email via their smartphones. This makes team newsletters sent out via email the perfect way to reach and engage with the majority of the potential clientele. 


  1. Define

    Begin the process by giving your newsletter meaning. This entails defining the themes, messages, and goals that you want your newsletter to portray and achieve. Some potential goals could range from increasing registrations for a program, to building trust and loyalty, or just defining a new or more focused brand narrative.

  2. Collect and Produce

    With this in mind, you can begin to collect and produce content. It is important that you remain informed and the content you produce is informative and truthful. Research industry news and updates, or anything other external factors that could affect the product or service you produce. Explain how this information is relevant, the potential impacts or consequences in general and specifically for your business, how your product or service can be of assistance, or the work you are doing to stay ahead.

    This is a great opportunity to discuss new products or services that your business may be offering or any updates or enhancements that you have made or plan to at some point. This way potential clientele can be excited about what is to come, can take advantage of what you have to offer, and can provide feedback on your ideas. 

  3. Create

    Once you have created content which is aligned with the meaning and definition you have given your newsletter, you can finally begin to put it together. Make sure the organization of your newsletter is coherent and intuitive. Recipients should know exactly who sent them the newsletter, should easily recognize a branded theme or pattern, and should be able to find the relevant information to them (whether that be through sub headers, links to new pages, or bolded text).

    Here is an example template that you can edit to match your brand colors and include your logo!

    You want your newsletter to be visually appealing, and serve as a trustworthy source of information. Nobody is going to want to read bland and disorganized emails. If the information you provide is faulty, current and potential future clientele could lose faith in your knowledge or expertise and in turn, the brand as a whole. If done correctly however, you can build a reliable, trusting, and loyal relationship with your community, strengthening your business and promoting future growth!

    With Playbook’s Sports software, we have email capabilities to send your team weekly or monthly newsletters. It’s as easy as editing the template and scheduling out the email to send to all of your contacts that live in the Playbook Sports software system! To learn more about our email and SMS marketing capabilities click here!

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