Are your marketing efforts failing to generate sales? Employing bulk SMS messaging is a great way to facilitate direct contact with an expanded audience of potential customers!

Why Use Bulk SMS Messaging?

There are a multitude of reasons why businesses are choosing to use bulk SMS messaging as a channel to grow their customer base. Here are the top three reasons.

First, SMS messaging is easy to set up and organize. Messages can be sent out immediately, and the cost of doing so is minimal. 

Second, as the usage of mobile devices continues to rise rapidly, SMS messaging has become a more direct channel to make contact with customers. According to data analyzed by Mobilesqaured, 90% of SMS messages are seen or read within 3 minutes of their delivery. 

Third, it is easy to gauge the ROI of SMS messaging, as the data you collect can be easily stored and analyzed. Bulk SMS messaging can be used to accomplish a number of goals! 

Here are the 5 bulk SMS messages you should be sending out:

1. Retargeting and Nurturing Automation

Retargeting and nurturing automations are the perfect way for you to help customers who have hovered on the edge, but not over the line, of buying. These messages will reconnect you with the consumers you know have shown an interest in or have interacted with your business, whether it be through enrolling in waitlists or from clicking through some of your programs and dropping off after that. Such automations will provide you an opportunity to address any concerns or questions these potential clients may have and remind them to register for programs they had interest in before.

2. Welcoming Automation

Welcome automations are a great way to contact consumers who are showing interest in your business for the first time. These automations will greet new customers, provide them with important information they may need, and build the rapport between you and your new clients.

3. Birthday Automation

Birthday automations are a great way to show consumers that you care. They also provide a great channel through which you can offer a prospect with an exclusive discount that may entice them to make a purchase.

4. Confirmation Automation

Confirmation automations are a great way to keep your clients organized and satisfied. Sending confirmation messages to consumers as soon as they have made a purchase allows your customer peace of mind in knowing that their purchase went through. The easier and more organized the purchasing process becomes, the more content your customers will be, and the more likely they are to return.

5. Exclusive Offer Automation

Exclusive offer automations are the perfect way to inform your prospects of a deal you are offering. Consumers who have not made a decision, or were concerned about pricing, can use this as a motivation to buy.

Playbook software has the capability to create and save templates for these 5 types of messages as well as the ability to send out any and all bulk SMS messages automatically. Our software is unique to all others, in that it possesses the ability to make the lists of contacts used to retarget customers who have shown interest in your business offering, but haven't yet made a purchase. Want to learn more about how you can employ bulk SMS messaging and retargeting for your sports business, click here!

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