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The Motivation

Brother’s Josh and Jordan have a long history of involvement in sports, from participation at the recreation level all the way to the pros. They have learned along the way about how impactful sports can be in empowering athletes and communities. Participating in sports is one of the best ways to grow, socialize, and develop important character traits like teamwork, competitiveness, and drive. 


The sports opportunities that the Marcus brothers had shaped them into who they are today. It is their mission and now ours, at Playbook, to create opportunities to improve communities through athletics and to bring those valued opportunities to as many people as possible. Sports organizations represent and build up the communities around them. The first way we sought to make an impact was through a league of our own. 


The First Steps 

NYC Basketball was founded around our passion for sports and our home community.  Our enthusiasm for sports was matched by the basketball community in NYC, and the league began to grow. Program offerings expanded to camps, clinics, and youth leagues and registrations spiked. 


However, time consuming administrative tasks and disorganized sign-up processes began holding our organization back from meeting demand and achieving our original goals. While NYC Basketball continued to grow, the softwares we relied on prevented us from reaching our full potential.


Where We Are

Starting a small business will teach you many lessons while also showing you new paths you may not have considered. After realizing we required several software providers to run our single basketball organization, we decided to bring all those management tools under one roof and start Playbook Sports to streamline our processes and save money. 


This software gave us the opportunity to run our business more efficiently, further our impact on the community, and increase access to sports. As a business solution, Playbook allows community leaders to revert their attention to coaching, teaching and developing their players. We will share more lessons and solutions, so be sure to keep up to date on our blog as we will feature business advice, client stories, and more!

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