Rule number one of real estate is location, location, location. The reason for this is that someone wouldn’t want to buy a space in a bad part of town, no matter how sparkling new or fancy it is. In a similar light, if you’re hosting an event, league, tournament, what have you, location becomes one of the most important things to determine. Let’s take a look at what should go into the thought process of picking your venue


First, let’s worry about everyone getting there. It’s one thing to have a beautiful venue with all the amenities that anyone could want, but if you have to drive two hours into the next state to get there, participation numbers may not reach where you want them to. Depending on the event you’re hosting, you’ll probably want a central location where everyone can easily reach without too much travel. If it’s in a high traffic area, take for example downtown New York City, having access to public transportation is an added bonus. Also, having a location that’s easy to find and identifiable is preferable, this way people can get there without any issues. If you figure all this in to what you’re planning, your event will have the maximum possible outreach and participation due to simple logistics. 


Next on the checklist is finding a quality place. This is very important for a number of reasons. First, a quality place looks good on you. Clean floors, working equipment, and seating areas that are both comfortable and spacious while also trying to get room for as many people as possible are all things to consider. You’ll also need to check out the building infrastructure, as in restrooms, first aid in the case of an emergency, handicap accessibility, or concessions (not a must, but a plus). People would likely prefer to use a place that’s clean and user friendly over something that was just affordable and found at the last minute, even if it incurs a higher cost to the participants. Function is possibly the highest priority in terms of figuring out where you want to hold your event, and it shows on you as the organization on what you are capable of doing.

Piggybacking off of that, if you’re able to land a well known venue, such as a professional team’s practice facilities or home stadium, that would make waves with the target crowd you’re trying to reach. This could work in a number of different ways. If you’re running a league, you can promise the playoffs or championship games be played at one of these places. This could entice participation and increase the quality of competition in your league, because now people have something more to play for. If you’re running something that’s more in the category of a one shot or annual event, you can host the entire event there, and that by itself is a great marketing tool. People absolutely love to say that they’ve played at their favorite team’s practice facility or stadium, and it creates that camaraderie of impressing your friends with just saying you’ve played there before. Using one of these places makes your event or league look that much more impressive just by hosting it at a well known venue.


Having a more professional looking environment is another great way to draw in more of a crowd. Professionalism is one of the most important attitudes and cultures to have when organizing events and leagues. The more professional you and your team act, the more legitimacy and sway your company or organization will hold. Professionalism comes from the staff, but also the level of detail put into every aspect of your event, and that includes the facility you’re using to host it. So being able to use a high class venue will add to that level of professionalism that you need to be as big as you can be. This plays into the well known venue idea mentioned above. It shows well that you as an organization work at a high level to treat those who participate in a way that exceeds their expectations. 


Finding a good place to host your league or event is almost as important as the league or event itself. If you can land a place that’s clean, easy to reach, amenable to everyone, and potentially something that’s got a name attached to it, you’ll bring your league or event to newer heights you may not have been able to reach.

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