With the switch to online classes, many sports businesses now have valuable video content for the first time. In this brief post we hope to share a few ways that you can leverage this content. Over the coming months well be sharing updates from sports and fitness organizations around the country on whats working and not working for them. If you have any ideas or suggestions shoot me an email at josh@callplaybook.com. Here are a few ideas based on what organizations have shared thus far. 

1. Free Content

Free lessons and videos on your website is a great way to attract new clients and customers. We recommend structuring a video library on several new web pages to maximize the traffic you receive from search engines. For example a basketball organization can make a page with dribbling drills and a page with shooting drills as well as other pages with related video content to maximize search engine visits. Snippets of this content can regularly be used on social channels and in emails as well which can be a great way to add value for your existing customers.

2. Include Content with other Memberships and Packages

If you offer lesson memberships, youth teams, or really any type of program you can include video content as a bonus for your paid customers. This is an attractive addition which can increase the value of your memberships and increase retention rates.

3. Content Memberships & Curriculum

If your content is really high quality you may be able to get members purely for your content and curriculum. This is a very competitive space but if your content is incredible and it stands out you can offer this to students anywhere in the world.

4. Training New Coaches

Video content can be an amazing way to accelerate training and onboarding of new coaches.

Until social distancing measures are no longer needed online classes are going to be important for any active sports, fitness, or activity organization. We hope you are successful with initiatives to make the most of any content you create. We look forward to hearing about whats working and not working and to providing updates here in the coming months.



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