With many banks no longer accepting loans we wanted to share a list of banks and non bank lenders that seem to still be accepting loans. You are allowed to apply with multiple lenders and to take a loan from the first one that offers one to you . Most of the major banks are encouraging customers to apply with multiple lenders.

In general we have heard that in round 2 of the PPP funding smaller banks have been easier to work with and more successful in getting you approved. Good luck and let us know if we can help.


Across Reddit and Twitter, BlueVine has gotten amazing feedback for having quick turnarounds on PPP loans. BlueVine seems like your best bet for an additional application. You can apply here


Celtic Bank

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Celtic Bank specializes in small business finance. It has ranked as a top 10 SBA lender nationally since 2013. The bank is currently accepting PPP loan applications from new and existing customers in anticipation of a second round of PPP funding being approved. To start the application process, go here.

Centerstone SBA Lending

To begin the application process with this Los Angeles company go here.


Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank is accepting PPP loan applications. Apply  here.

Commonwealth Business Bank

It says to email applications and inquiries to ppp@cbb-bank.com. Check here for updates and to get the application form.

Customers Bank

Customers Bank is accepting PPP loan applications from both existing customers and non-customers nationally.You can find more information and start the application process here

First Savings Bank

First Savings Bank is accepting PPP loan applications. On its website, it does not specify restrictions regarding who it will accept applications from. That said, the bank operates in South Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Nebraska, Texas and Arizona. You can find more information here.

Harvest Small Business Finance

It is currently accepting PPP loan applications from existing and new customers. To apply, go here.

Intuit QuickBooks

It is currently accepting applications from Payroll customers, but expects to accept them from new customers soon. Get more information here.


. It is currently accepting new applications in anticipation of the SBA program receiving more funding. To learn more and apply, go here.

Stearns Bank

To apply, go to its application portal, where you’ll have to upload your completed application and other documentation. For more information, go here

United Business Bank

United Business Bank is accepting PPP applications from existing business clients and non-customers. Go to the California-headquartered bank’s website. You can also contact Harrison Lee, SVP/SBA regional manager, at hlee@ubb-us.com or at 213.401.3211.


What Else Can I Do if I Don't Get a PPP Loan?

Check out our post on other government funding options.   You can also join the waitlist for Playbooks $1 Million discount and cashback and grant program here. We can provide your business with up to $25,000 of cash over the next 12 months. If you have questions or want to share your experience you can chat with us or call us anytime.  You can also book a 30 minute free conquer covid strategy session with one of our sports business experts here


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